Cannery Row

Cannery RowIn January 1958, This historic waterfront district on Monterey Bay officially re-named Ocean View Avenue “Cannery Row” in honor of John Steinbeck, 13 years after the release of his novel Cannery Row, that described a colorful past set amid the cannery culture of the time. but the street’s true story begins long before canneries lined the former Ocean View Avenue.

From Native American, Asian and European settlements, through the boom and bust of the whaling and sardine industries, to structural and economic despair followed by restoration and re-development, now Cannery Row is the most popular vacation destination on California’s Central Coast.

Cannery Row’s buildings are updated, shinier versions of turn-of-the-century canneries. They house an eclectic blend of convenient specialty shops, local artists’ galleries, and more than 25 wonderful restaurants, world-class attractions, and exciting Monterey nightlife that make Cannery Row a top tourist destination that continues to fascinate guests.

Here, past and present alike influence the architecture, cuisine and attractions as Cannery Row continues to celebrate the unshakable spirit on which it was founded.

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The Hidden Jewel of the Monterey Peninsula