Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay AquariumOver its 27 years, the non-profit Monterey Bay Aquarium has been lauded for creating an expertly designed “undersea tour” of Monterey Bay’s hidden world. From coastal wetlands to the open sea, from kelp forests to a mile-deep submarine canyon, the bay shelters an amazing range of habitats and sea life. The bay is also at the heart of the largest marine sanctuary along the shores of the continental the United States.

Visitors can discover the plants and animals of Monterey Bay in a series of remarkable exhibits that have changed the face of aquarium design. With the debut of its award-winning “Open Sea” galleries in 1996, Monterey Bay Aquarium became the first in the world to create open ocean exhibits on a grand scale. The exhibits are shining light on epic migrations of ocean animals across the Pacific and the constant motion of life in the open ocean.

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The Hidden Jewel of the Monterey Peninsula