Local Beaches


Del Monte Beach:  Well-known to the locals, this beach is located behind a coastal housing community and snuggled away from the main streets, which makes it a beautiful hidden gem.  Park along the street next to the dunes behind the beach. You will find a boardwalk trail through the dunes that is lined with benches and picnic tables for visitors.  You are welcome to bring your pets with you on-leash at this laid back, family-friendly beach.

Distance from De Anza Inn:  .9 miles


Breakwater Cove (aka Coast Guard Pier):  Breakwater cove is a popular fishing location as well as a popular entry point for scuba divers.  You can watch the scuba divers from the breakwater, but you will probably be more interested in watching the sea otters eat after they have harvested their shellfish from breakwater’s rocks.  This area is also very active with many types of birds like seagulls, pelicans, and cormorants.  The rocks at the very end of the breakwater has been fenced off by the U.S. Coast Guard, and that’s where you are mostly likely to see the sea lions taking a rest from the ocean.  Public parking and restrooms are available at the base of the pier.  Pets are not permitted at this beach.

Distance from De Anza Inn:  2.9 miles


McAbee Beach:  During the early 1900s, John McAbee bought surrounding land as a seasonal getaway for tourists.  The area is now known as Cannery Row and this lovely beach is in the shadow of local hotels and restaurants which makes the rocks there a convenient place to take a rest from your shopping.  When the conditions are just right, you might see kayakers and scuba divers launch from McAbee Beach.  For those wanting to venture onto the beach, it is important to note that the cove at high tide has just enough sand to be called a beach, but you will find more sand during the Summer months and during low tide.  Be sure to stop by when visiting Cannery Row.  Pet are welcome to join you on-leash at this Monterey Beach.

Distance from De Anza Inn:  3.3 miles


San Carlos Beach:  This beach is also known as Reeside Beach as it is located at the end of Reeside Avenue and is near the West end of Cannery Row next to the Coast Guard Pier.  San Carlos Beach is a popular entry point for scuba divers and is a great place to visit on a sunny day.  You will find benches, picnic tables, and grass lawns in the area to rest on during your visit.  For bikers, walkers, or runners, the paved Monterey Peninsula Recreation Trail begins right behind San Carlos Beach Park.  Pets are not permitted at San Carlos Beach

Distance from De Anza Inn:  2.8 miles


Monterey Municipal Beach:  This is a city-owned beach adjacent to the Municipal Fisherman’s Wharf 2 Pier and is one of the busiest sandy beaches in the city.  This beach is safer for swimming because it is a north facing beach and is protected by the pier.  This pier has many restaurants and pubs for your dining pleasure, so be sure to stop by if you are looking for somewhere to eat.  Monterey Bay Waterfront Park is their next-door neighbor to the north where you will find volleyball courts and grassy area.  The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail runs north and south from here if you’re looking for a great place to bike ride, walk, or jog.  Monterey Bay Kayaks has their headquarters here where they lead tours for visitors and rent kayaks for the adventurous.  Dogs are allowed on leash.

Distance from De Anza Inn:  2.0 miles


Monterey State Beach This is a favored spot by surfers, kayakers, and fishermen. Visitors can also enjoy kite-flying and volleyball.  This is a nice, flat beach and is an excellent place for beachcombing, relaxing, or walking at the edge of the water.  Be careful while swimming here though, as this area is known for its dangerous rip currents.  The parking lot for Monterey State Beach is on the South side of the Monterey Tides Hotel.  Dogs are allowed on-leash at Monterey State Beach South of the Monterey Beach Resort Hotel.

Distance from De Anza Inn:  1.3 miles



Monterey has a number of local beaches close to De Anza Inn.

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