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Outside Activities to Do in Monterey During the Pandemic

Outside Activities to Do in Monterey During the Pandemic

Now that travel restrictions from the pandemic have eased a bit and people are choosing to travel again, many have wondered what activities are available to do while visiting the beautiful County of Monterey.  Read on for just a few … Read More

Ship Tours and Sails in Monterey

What better way to explore and embrace the energy of coastal Monterey, than from the deck of a ship? From Feb 28 – Mar 19, tour or even set sail on the visiting Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain ships. Enjoy family-oriented … Read More


The much-anticipated Monterey Car Week is less than a week away! From Aug 9 through Aug 18, expect a wide variety of car shows, races, auctions, auto memorabilia and so much more. Events are spread throughout the Monterey area and most are … Read More


There’s always something exciting happening in coastal Monterey and this October is no exception! If you’re traveling to the Monterey area this fall, make sure you check out some of the upcoming events. Think: local food tastings, live music and … Read More


In Monterey, California, there may not be snow, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t holiday celebrations! This December, Monterey will be home to all sorts of holiday parades, cheerful events and countless Christmas lights. Here’s your guide to upcoming celebrations … Read More


With the nickname “Salad Bowl of the World,” it shouldn’t be a surprise that Monterey County is filled to its limits with fresh farmers’ markets. Both big and small, Monterey’s markets offer a variety of locally grown produce, handcrafted hot … Read More

Wine in Monterey

Monterey is California’s haven for wine connoisseurs. With over 40,000 acres of vineyards, Monterey County is home to some of the best wineries, wine events and tours. One upcoming event is the Monterey Winemakers’ Celebration on May 4. Spend a romantic afternoon … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Independence Day Weekend in Monterey

Independence Day in Monterey We’re less than a month away from Independence Day weekend! And if you’re visiting Monterey this July, now’s the time to get your plans in place. Between festivals, parades, fireworks and happy hours, there’s plenty happening … Read More

3 Upcoming Monterey Festivals Worth Visiting

Take a romantic couple’s trip this June and explore the beautiful city of Monterey. This June, Monterey has some big celebrations going on like the 88th Annual La Merienda, 60th Annual Artichoke Festival and the Monterey International Blues Festival. Start planning your perfect couple’s vacation with … Read More

Attend a Concert in Monterey

Feel like the sea is calling to you? It’s probably the outstanding music concerts coming to Monterey this February. With an entire concert series dedicated to the sea, Sound Waves presented by the Monterey Symphony is a must-visit event. Classic pieces will … Read More