3 Upcoming Monterey Festivals Worth Visiting

Take a romantic couple’s trip this June and explore the beautiful city of Monterey. This June, Monterey has some big celebrations going on like the 88th Annual La Merienda, 60th Annual Artichoke Festival and the Monterey International Blues Festival. Start planning your perfect couple’s vacation with … Read More

Attend a Concert in Monterey

Feel like the sea is calling to you? It’s probably the outstanding music concerts coming to Monterey this February. With an entire concert series dedicated to the sea, Sound Waves presented by the Monterey Symphony is a must-visit event. Classic pieces will … Read More

Spend an Evening with Priscilla Presley

Ever been curious about how “The King of Rock ‘n Roll” lived his life? Then spend “An Evening with Priscilla Presley” on Jan 10 at the Sunset Center! Don’t miss out on this unique and intimate evening where Priscilla will share a never-before-seen … Read More